CA Indian Water Commission President and Cyndi Dawson from Castalia Environmental in from of Cal EPA building after President Stevenson gave testimony to the Water Boards about Tribal Beneficial Uses

Yesterday CA Indian Water Commission President Atta Stevenson gave powerful testimony to the State Water Resources Control Board calling for them to move forward with including Tribal Beneficial Uses (TBUs) to the update of the Bay Delta Plan. The State Water Board adopted the following definitions in 2017 to further define TBUs.

  • Tribal Tradition and Culture (CUL): Uses of water that support the cultural, spiritual, ceremonial, or traditional rights or lifeways of California Native American Tribes, including, but not limited to: navigation, ceremonies, or fishing, gathering, or consumption of natural aquatic resources, including fish, shellfish, vegetation, and materials.
  • Tribal Subsistence Fishing (T-SUB): Uses of water involving the non-commercial catching or gathering of natural aquatic resources, including fish and shellfish, for consumption by individuals, households, or communities of California Native American Tribes to meet needs for sustenance.

The next opportunity to comment on TBUs will be later this summer and we will post info. here.