This is a photogratph of the Tribal group that supported the change in recognition  to Indigenous Day in Mendocino County 2020. President of California Indian Water Commission, Atta P. Stevenson (Cahto) (front row second from right, white blouse) spoke and noted that a change of name must include a change of mandatory history curriculum to reflect the true history of not only California but of Mendocino County, and include the genocide of local tribes and bounty on tribal men, women and babies.

Classroom discussions must be presented by tribal members from their respective communities. We congratulate the Board of Supervisors for a unanimous vote to celebrate official Indigenous Day.

Mendocino County Newsbreak Article

MENDOCINO Co., 10/12/20 — Today is officially Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Mendocino County, a holiday which was temporarily recognized by county officials in the past, but was made an officially recurring holiday by the Board of Supervisors with a proclamation in August, 2019. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is also celebrated by a number of cities and states across the country, replacing what was previously called Columbus Day.