California Indian Water Commission

Assembly candidate Elizabeth Betancourt met with CIWC Board members to discuss issues important to the north state. Biomass, water quality,  quantity, conveyance, the impacts to fish, small businesses, farmers, and tribal matters were discussed. Utilizing traditional knowledge to control and lessen catastrophic forest fires by continual small burns for healthy forests,  meadows, waterways etcetera was also addressed with Ms. Betancourt. A robust discussion with exchange of ideas was had by all.

CIWC Board was greatly pleased to hear several issues raised that were shared by both parties. We believe a solid foundation of understanding will continue with candidate Elizabeth Betancourt for Assembly.

The time for a new approach to representing constituents of the north state has arrived.  Every vote matters. Affordable access to clean drinking Water must be a human right and we must protect the  sacred spirit it provides to all life.